Visual Identity and Content Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: The School’s logo and other brand elements are changing soon. If possible, please hold off on large-scale print and design projects until January 2015, when we expect to complete the transition to a new visual identity.

On September 8, 2014, we announced an extraordinary gift from the Morningside Foundation, in honor of which the School will be renamed the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Following this announcement, we have received many questions about when the new name officially goes into effect, how people should represent the School’s name in their written communications, when and whether the School’s website address, HSPH acronym, and email addresses will change, and other related issues.

We are working to develop a transition plan that will address all of these questions. However, because the announcement of this transformational gift came together over a relatively short period of time, it will take some time to complete the planning process. In the meantime, please continue to use your existing business cards and stationery, and continue following the current rules for the use of the name, logo, and electronic communications, as outlined on this site.

Thank you for your understanding.


Welcome to the HSPH visual identity and content guide. This online resource—a continual work in progress—is intended as an aid for members of the HSPH community to help them craft compelling messages for lay audiences and ensure a consistent and professional appearance in all our visual communications.We are grateful to the hundreds of people—donors, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends—who took part in meetings, focus groups, and surveys and gave of their time to help shape the material you see here.We hope you find this resource useful and and encourage you to borrow freely from anything you find on this site. Please bookmark this page!

If you work with outside vendors who need access to this site, they will need to sign up for XIDs through the University registration system here: The vendor should be able to log in to the site within a few hours of completing the very simple registration process.

Thank you,

HSPH Office for External Relations


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