SEO and Writing for the Web

Join David Marshall from the WebTeam and Danielle Stevenson from Communications for an informative look at Search Engine Optimization and writing for the web. Learn how to optimize your website to gain more search-engine traffic and how to create content that is web and mobile friendly.

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics is the industry leader in collecting statistics about your website’s visitors and behavior on your site. With Google Analytics you can gain insight into a wide variety of information about the people coming to your site including visitor performance over time, visitor location and time spent on the site just to name a few.

Learn how to access your Google Analytics data, how to generate reports, and what the numbers mean for you!

Due to popular demand and limited space, please RSVP to this training by clicking here.

WordPress – Intermediate/Advanced Topics

This session will cover various intermediate & advanced topics & techniques in WordPress.

Some specific topics are:

  • creating custom shortlinks using our HSPH-branded shortlink service (like for sharing/publicizing your content
  • tracking file downloads

Feel free to ask questions!

Qualtrics – Intermediate

Chris will be walking through using Qualtrics at an intermediate level. If you have questions on form logic (setting up rules) or data handling, this is for you!

Ask Us a Question

Have a question about Qualtrics, WordPress, editing for the Web, SEO, or any other web questions? Ask them here!

Google Analytics Advanced Training

For those of you who have taken the introductory training, this session will go into more depth about how to use each of the Google Analytics screens and sections to analyze and compare website traffic over time. You will learn how to compare metrics side by side, delve in depth into what the stats mean, and set up goals and content experiments to see how variations of a page perform against each other. You will also learn how to determine what on your site is important to your visitors.

WordPress Training

If you want to make your site look better or just want to brush up on your WordPress skills this training session is for you.

The training will cover many of the basic WordPress features, including how to edit pages, add images, and configure menus. It will be hands-on in a computer lab, so you can maximize your learning as you follow along.

No registration necessary.