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Publisher Forms Going Away

240x300_qualtricsDear Web Publishers,

As you know, earlier this year we transitioned off of the HSPH Publisher system onto WordPress as our CMS of choice for all your Web publishing needs. The one related area that still needs to be addressed concerns the Web-based forms, surveys, and polls that many of you still have in Publisher. In 90 days, on the first of September, all these Publisher forms will be eliminated. Consequently, prior to this date, all forms that exist in Publisher will need to be moved to Qualtrics, which can be accessed at The benefit of making this change is that Qualtrics forms will be far more powerful than the previous Publisher ones.

The switch to Qualtrics should be very straightforward because Qualtrics is very easy to use. At you will find an excellent set of tutorials and other information on how to use Qualtrics and migrate forms to it. Additionally, we will be offering a series of hands-on training sessions, the first of which is scheduled for June 4th at 10am in Kresge LL-6.

Please take a look at the documentation on how to use Qualtrics, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email the Web Team at Announcements of future training sessions on Qualtrics and WordPress will be posted online at You can be notified about them, as well as about the latest updates to WordPress and Qualtrics, by signing up for our mailing list at


The HSPH Web Team

News and Posts Now Available

Dear Web Publishers,

For those who have been asking for the ability to put news on your site or have announcements on the homepage sidebar, well it’s finally here. On 4/20 we rolled out “Posts” – they’re servings of content that are listed in reverse chronological order on your site from newest to oldest. Posts are intended to be used for short lived pieces of content, and because of this they will always have a date associated with them.

Posts also come with Categories and Tags which allow you to group related topics and create associations between posts. Categories provide a hierarchical association much like folders on your computer while tags are words or phrases that are important to the post. For more information read this help article.

In the upcoming weeks we will be holding a number of training sessions to explain how to use the new Posts functionality, but if you would like to get a head start and try creating some posts on your own, check out our newly added Posts section in the FAQ and then contact the Webteam to get your posts page created and start posting.

HSPH Webteam


Side Link Modules to Be Disabled, Replaced with New Sidebar System

Dear Web Publishers,

About three weeks ago we launched a new method of working with sidebars using “Widgets” to replace the current “Side Link Modules.” This new system allows the easy adding of text, basic html, images, RSS Feeds, Twitter Feeds, and more to the sidebars of your site in a drag and drop interface.

If your website was using this Sidelink Module system, you have been send a message that your site still uses the old side link module system.

This system will be completely removed in two weeks time on April 5th.  In addition, any sidebars created using the side link module will be removed as well. At this point we would like to request that you migrate your old side link modules to Widget sidebars. A full description of the Widget sidebar system can be found here along with instructions on how to create new sidebars:

HSPH Webteam

Here We Are!

We’ve gone live! is now built on the WordPress CMS! We recognize that you might have a lot of questions; given that, we’ve built some resources for you. See below for the complete list. If you have questions, please feel free to use this form (this form is sent to the entire HSPH Web Team, so someone will see your question quickly.)

Links to Helpful Content
How Do I … With WordPress? – We’ve built a FAQ database but if you have a question not answered here, use the question form!
Training Schedule – If you need/want WordPress training, this should be your first stop!
WordPress Dashboard Login

Questions You Might Have…
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Do we still use Publisher?
Was my site migrated to WordPress?
I’m a member of the Faculty or a Researcher; how do I login?
I’m a member of the Faculty or a Researcher; was my site migrated?


Go Live Date Announced – Jan 9th

Hello All,

Chris Ternan sent out an email earlier on behalf of Deane Eastwood and Julie Rafferty with our WordPress site go-live date and other pertinent information. In case you haven’t seen that email (please note that this email was only sent to site publishers!), here it is in its entirety. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Dear HSPH Web Publishers,

We are writing to alert you that the new design for the HSPH website and move to WordPress has been extremely complex – but is nearing completion, thanks in part to many of you.  As a result, we have established January 9, 2013 at 4 pm as the date and time that we will officially flip the switch on the new website.

As someone responsible for updating content on the HSPH website, what does this mean to you?

1)      You should have completed WordPress training and been updating your website in WordPress in preparation for the switchover.
2)      Recently all the webpages updated in WordPress were switched over from the testing servers to the servers on which they will live from now on – so you should doublecheck your pages to make sure that all the changes you made have been migrated successfully. Pay particular attention that PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, JPGs and media files have been successfully migrated.   We don’t anticipate any problems, but we encourage you to doublecheck.  You can continue to update pages at now through January 9 at noon.
3)      When the website “goes live” in its new design and format, the process will actually take perhaps as long as 8 hours to be universally visible across HSPH, on computers at home, on mobile devices, and on computers around the world.  This is the nature of the internet.  Do not be surprised if the sections of the site you manage do not all “go live” simultaneously, and some people report still seeing the old site while you see the new one.
4)      After the site has been launched, we encourage you to go through your site and check links as soon as possible.
5)      This is a big project — migrating nearly 12,000 pages from one system, design, and set of servers to a new system, design, and set of servers. Inevitably glitches will occur at launch and after launch.  We will be sending out an email to everyone at HSPH before the site launches letting them know this and providing you and them with information about how to alert us to any problems that occur so they can be quickly rectified.

We are excited that the process of unveiling the new website is nearing a conclusion.  We appreciate everyone’s hard work on this project, and have intentionally left you some time before and after the holiday week to make sure your site is accurate, looking good, and working as planned.

For the latest updates regarding the migration, please visit —

Beginning on January 10 through January 31, we welcome publishers to use our bug tracking system to report issues/bugs discovered post launch, please visit —

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the IT web team at

Julie Rafferty, Associate Vice Dean for Communications
Deane Eastwood, IT Director