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Finding my WordPress Site(s)

Once you have successfully logged in to the WordPress Dashboard, you might see a screen that states that you have tried to access a site for which you do not have permissions.

If this message (see Screenshot A) appears, do not fret! Somewhat farther down the page, you will see a list of sites that you do have access to; there will be two links besides the site name: Visit Dashboard & View Site. Clicking the Visit Dashboard link will take you to desired site’s Dashboard, where you can edit that site’s content.

Screenshot A
Screenshot A

Logging into The WordPress Dashboard

This post is for faculty and/or staff who want to:

  • Log into WordPress for the first time
  • Recover their login information

The possibilities of your account already being active are very good! However, you might not know or remember your login. Here are the steps to recover/discover your login information.

    1. Go to in your browser of choice.
    2. Once the page loads, you will see a login screen (please see Screenshot A).
      At the bottom of that login window, you will see a Lost your password? prompt.
      Click that and you will see the screen indicated in Screenshot B.
      Enter your HSPH email address in the field and click Submit.
      You will receive an email from HSPH WordPress within several minutes that will contain a link for you to login and reset your password. If entering your email address comes back with a message that your username was not found, please open a ticket with the Help Desk for the Web Team.

      Screenshot A
      Screenshot A
      Screenshot B
      Screenshot B