How Do I Create New Forms?

You have two choices for creating forms in the new website.

WordPress Forms can handle simple forms: ie simple contact us or send us a message. These are not intended to be used for forms that have more then 4 questions or forms that have large drop-downs or for surveys or data collection. Please use Qualtrics below for that purpose.

Qualtrics should be used for more complex forms; the Qualtrics service is the new Harvard-wide standard. For information and help creating Qualtrics forms please see the Qualtrics menu at the top of this page.

What Will Happen to My Old Forms?

The question is where did you create your forms? If you created your forms in Publisher, you will eventually have to move them over to Qualtrics for more sophisticated forms or WordPress for simple contact forms. If your forms are outside Publisher, then your access and usage will be uninterrupted until further notice.

WordPress Forms

A contact form is a great way to offer your readers the ability to get in touch, without giving out your personal email address.

Each contact form can easily be customized to fit your needs. When a user submits your contact form you will be emailed and the results added to your feedback management area.

Add a new contact form

You can add contact forms to both posts and pages. Simply click the “Add a custom form” button.

Contact Form Button

Doing so will bring up a screen where you can customize the fields that will be displayed on your contact form.

Once you are happy with your contact form, you’ll want to save it by clicking the blue “Add this form to my post” button.

Doing so will convert your form to shortcode which will be inserted into your post.

contact form shortcode

Once you publish your post, this shortcode will be transformed into a fully functional contact form.


Edit an existing contact form

To edit an existing contact form, simply click the small add contact form media icon after you’ve already saved a form. Your existing contact form will be loaded into the editor. Alternatively, you have the option of editing the shortcode yourself instead of using the editor.


Add a field

Adding additional fields to your contact field couldn’t be easier. Simply click the “Add a new field” link.

A new field will be added to the bottom of your form, and editing options will be added to the right column.

Label The label field is the description seen on the top of each field (i.e. Name, Email, Website, etc…)

Field Type The field type dropdown allows you to select the type of form element that you would like to use (i.e. textbox, dropdown, radio button, etc.).

Required Clicking the required checkbox will force users to fill out this field before they can submit your contact form. If they skip a required field, they’ll see an alert instructing them to fill out the field before they submit the form.

Options Should you select dropdown, or radio button as a field type, you will be presented with a fourth option that allows you to add select options. Click on the ‘Add another option’ link to add more options.


Edit a field

To edit a field, just move your mouse over the field you’d like to edit and click the “edit” link. Once you click this link, you’ll be able to edit the field on the right.

When you’re happy with your changes, click the gray “Save this field” button. Once you are done making changes to your form, click the blue “Add this form to my post” button.


Delete a field

To delete a field you’ll want to click the minus sign next to any field.

When working with dropdown or radio options, you can also delete options.


Reorder fields

Want to reorganize your fields? No worries, just mouse over the field that you’d like to move. Move your mouse over the “move” link. You’ll see a box that says “Drag up or down to re-arrange”.

Click the “move” link and hold down your left mouse button while you drag the form field to the position you’d like it to be in.

Save your form, by clicking the blue “Add this form to my post” button and you are set.


Notification preferences

When a user submits your contact form, it will be emailed to the author of the post/page, and the subject line will be the title of your post. If you wish, you can change both the recipient and the email subject of your emails by clicking the “Email notifications” tab. Separate recipient emails with a comma to send to multiple recipients.


Feedback management

You can read all feedback sent through your contact form in your feedback management area. Just click the “Feedbacks” link in your left-hand menu.

You’ll be able to manage your feedback just like you’d manage comments.


How Do I Embed a Qualtrics Form?

When it comes to Qualtrics forms you can either paste the link to the form into your page or post or for a more seamless look and feel you can embed the form into your page using an iframe.

To embed the form copy and paste the following code into the text editor pane of the page or post:

<iframe src='LINK to your form here' name='Qualtrics' scrolling='auto' frameborder='no' align='center' height='800px' width='100%'>

Once you have done this, change the “LINK to your form here” to the link to your Qualtrics form provided upon publishing your form.

Note: If you have issues embedding a form into your site please contact the webteam as we may need to enable iframes on your site.