HSPH WordPress User Group

Next User Group Meeting: Jan 17th, 2013

By now, people are developing various levels of WordPress skill. Perhaps you are well on your way to becoming a power user, helping other users with their issue, pushing the envelope on your site. Maybe it’s the other way around; WordPress isn’t a great fit and you would like to find peers who can help you and provide assistance.

The Web Team is always here; however, we recognize that different people @ HSPH will possess varying WordPress skillsets. We want to turn you loose! Towards that end, we are forming a HSPH WordPress User Group. This would be a lunch-time session, perhaps once every five weeks, where we all get together, share information and techniques, and peers can help train peers. This will be your chance to see how other departments and personnel in HSPH, and elsewhere at Harvard, are using WordPress.

Want to be part of this? Let us know!